Papanasam Beach Avenue, Varkala, India-695141

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About Us

We have been welcoming guests from all around the world for more than a decade. Still, you may not find us listed or mentioned in any travel magazine as a big place to stay in Kerala. We are proud and the guests are content, to call ourselves a small yet extremely comfortable guest house in Varkala. What it offers as a guest house is a few moments of comfort, peace and friendliness on any traveler’s journey. Over the years, Lekha’s has been promoting tourism, in terms of this ‘hospitality’, which is highly regarded in Kerala’s unique culture.

As far as we have tried to analyze what attracts people to Varkala, we would say three reasons would top the list. A sense of absolute devoutness to the 2000 year old Janardhana Swamy temple, one’s devotion to Narayana Guru as a seer or a teacher or as a philosopher, and the awe and wonder of the Varkala Papanasam Beach. But, for the tourist in you, Varkala has more. Well, sometimes, just the silence of the blue waters is enough to captivate people. Then, there is tradition, music, festivals, rich local cuisine, lovely people, beautiful resorts, a cliff facing the calm sea, interesting fishing villages and of course the sun and the sand…Each traveler thus has a reason to visit Varkala.

Kerala is blessed with a landscape so alluring that you can never miss to see it. You have read it everywhere, you might have already experienced it by yourself, or your friends might have told you. We have so many happy holiday memories from all our guests. And so we once again welcome you to a wonderful holiday at Varkala.


Room Types
Type - A a/c 2400 2800 2400 2000 1800 2000
Type - A Non a/c 2100 2400 2000 1600 1400 1600
Type - B a/c 2000 2400 2000 1600 1400 1600
Type - B Non a/c 1600 2000 1600 1200 1000 1200
Roof Top 1400 1800 1200 1000 800 1000

Room Types

Type - A

A Wider Sea View, Wi-Fi, Digital TV, Refrigerator, Geezer

Type - B

A Lesser Sea View, Wi-Fi, Digital TV, Geezer

  • Currency : Indian Rupees
  • Taxes : 10% is applicable
  • Check in : 12 noon
  • Check out : 11 am
  • Occupancy : Double, 12% single
  • Extra bed : 250/ Bed
  • Plan : Continental Breakfast (juice, eggs, toast, tea/coffee)